BJWSA is a public, nonprofit organization created by the South Carolina legislature. We are governed by a board of directors consisting of eleven members, who have been recommended by Beaufort County and Jasper County legislative delegations and appointed by the governor of South Carolina.

The General Manager oversees the organization and reports directly to the board. He is assisted by our Deputy General Manager of Finance and Administration and our Deputy General Manager of Operations and Technical Services.

Chief Officers

General Manager
Ed Saxon, P.E.
Executive Assistant/Clerk to the Board
Libby Breland

Deputy General Manager, Finance & Administration
Sarah Linkimer

Deputy General Manager, Operations & Technical Services
Jeff Boss, P.E.

Finance & Administration

Director of Business Services
William Bettis

Communications Manager
Pamela Flasch

Communications Specialist
Lou Brown

Director of Information Technology
Kenneth Frazier

Billing and Revenue Manager
Mike Jones

Director of Human Resources
Allena Lee-Brown

Benefits Coordinator
Kelly Lee

Customer Care Manager
Linda Tillery

Engineering & Operations

Capital Projects Manager
Jim Baker

Director of Engineering
Brian Chemsak

Administrative Coordinator, Capital Projects
Debbie Hodge

Development Projects Manager
Dick Deuel, P.E.

Administrative Coordinator Development Projects
Marilyn Allen

Director of Field Operations
Joe DeVito

Field Operations Coordinator North
Merilee Moore

Field Operations Coordinator South
Cindy Heaton

Laboratory Manager
Sheila Felton

Senior Construction Manager
Dennis Holland

Director of Treatment Operations
Tricia Kilgore, P.E.

Director of Tech Maintenance & SCADA
AL Legare

Maintenance Planning Specialist
Darlene Douglas

Water Operations Manager
Kevin Sexton

Wastewater Operations Manager
Earl Sheppard

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