Trick or Treatment our virtual wastewater plant tour is now available!

Meet the superheroes who keep BJWSA true to our mission to inspire trust and enhance public health!






Triassic Plant
is ready
for you to visit.
See how water –
as old as the dinosaurs –
is treated to provide
safe, drinking water.









Facility Tours: Public education is important at BJWSA. If you are interested in a tour of our water treatment plant, please contact Haley Hughes (info at the bottom of this page). You can watch videos of our tour of our Cherry Point and Chelsea plants with Bluffton Middle School here. You can also view our official video tours of our water treatment plant here and our wastewater treatment facility here.

Community Events: We provide water stations to environmental and educational non-profit organizations. Our non-profit status does not allow us to provide monetary sponsorships. Please fill out this form to request BJWSA participation.

S.T.E.M. Engagement: In an effort to foster an advanced future workforce, we are particularly eager to support S.T.E.M. programs and festivals. Our traveling program, developed by staff, is engaging for children and adults.

Speakers Bureau: Staff is available to present on a variety of topics— from treatment of drinking water and wastewater to our environmental and educational commitments. We serve as guest lecturers, panelists and policy experts in our industry. We can target presentations toward government, business, education, retirees or combined community audiences at the local and regional levels.

Resources and activities for teachers and parents: Visit our fun activities page here for educational information presented with a variety of experiments and tools. Share these with your children/students and help them learn about water and wastewater in a unique manner.

Haley Hughes is our Public Education and Engagement Planner. She may be contacted at 843-987-8052 or email Haley Hughes.