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Contact Tammy Holman, Procurement & Risk Manager

All written correspondence to:
Beaufort-Jasper Water and
Sewer Authority
Purchasing Division
6 Snake Road
Okatie, SC 29909

We appreciate your interest in offering us your materials, products or services. BJWSA depends upon the helpful cooperation of present and potential suppliers in order to get the maximum value for the money we spend in serving our customers. We focus on doing business with companies who share our priorities of safety, quality, schedule and budget.

Our Purchasing Division is the central buying authority responsible for the procurement of supplies, services and equipment. Purchasing is the only division authorized to issue purchase orders committing BJWSA funds. Suppliers may not make sales to BJWSA employees without a purchase order. Construction projects are customarily managed by the Authority’s Engineering Department with Purchasing Division oversight. To access our board-approved purchasing policy, please click here.

To do business with us, fill out our online registration form.

Purchasing is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm (except holidays) and available to meet with suppliers any time. Appointments are encouraged.