Did you know that even though about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, about 1 percent is available for human use? Each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water a day at home – enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses!

By being a wise water user, you can reduce this amount significantly. One important thing you can do is to find any leaks – homes can waste more than 10% of water usage due to leaks.

BJWSA has always maintained a very fair leak adjustment policy. When we see high consumption on a customer’s account, we send a letter advising the customer to investigate. We follow up with meter calibrations and other means of determining leaks on our end. Once a leak is identified and repaired, customers may call the Customer Service Department at 843-987-9200 to report the leak and inquire about a possible billing adjustment. The Authority cannot make repairs beyond the meter box.

Irrigation Systems

Check for water in the gutters or mud puddles. Inspect your sprinklers and drip sprayers regularly for leaks. If you have an older irrigation system, over 50% and even more than 75% of the water can be lost to leaks.


Look for watermarks on floors, walls or ceilings, which can indicate that an indoor pipe is leaking. Outside, standing water on the ground or pavement when there has been no rain can be due to a broken underground pipe. If you suspect a leak, do not wait; call a plumber.


Leaking toilets cause more water waste than any other fixture in the home – up to several hundred gallons per day. Leaky toilets often can be fixed by adjusting the float arm or plunger ball.


A continuously dripping bathtub or sink faucet can waste 20 gallons or more per day. Repairing a faucet is usually as simple as changing an inexpensive washer or valve seal. If you see a dripping faucet, fix it as soon as possible – all those drips add up quickly!